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Have you ever stood back and wondered what Christmas is all about? Whether there is something missing? It's not that roast turkey, giving presents or spending time with family are bad - those are all great things. It's just that some people believe there is something more, something that gives it all a sense of meaning and purpose.

A little over 2000 years ago the birth of an ordinary looking baby boy in a dirty stable started something special.

In fact for two millennia that moment has divided history in two. Our very calendar's based on that baby's birth. Whatever you believe about who Jesus actually was, it was one of the defining moments of world history.

And that's why we wanted to remind everyone.

We think the reason that otherwise normal birth was so world-altering is because Jesus was someone very special. God had entered into our world on a mission to save it.

Christ started something back in down-town Bethlehem, and he continues to start things in people around the world today.

He's worth checking out for yourself. Have a look at the video and links on the right hand side and make up your own mind.

Happy Christmas.

Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus?
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